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Victoria Beckham is “Just a Normal Girl”

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Středně pokročilý

Pohlaví: Pohlaví:Žena
Věk: 25
Založen: 28. 03. 2007
Příspěvky: 776
Bydliště: Budějovice

PříspěvekZaslal: 06. srpna, 2007 22:21    Předmět: Victoria Beckham is “Just a Normal Girl” Citovat

Victoria Beckham gets in some last minute London shopping on Tuesday before her family’s big move to Los Angeles.

In a recent telephone interview with Victoria, she admitted she’s “just a normal girl from London” who happens to be “living quite a surreal life.”

On what people can expect from her TV special: “It’s funny. People really get to see what I’m really like. I have quite a dry sense of humor, which I hope is going to translate to Americans I’m incredibly blessed and I wanted to show that to everybody.”

On her family’s reaction to moving to the States: “[My family] is so excited. [The boys] actually think they’re moving to Disneyland.”

On keeping her children out of the spotlight: “We don’t ever allow the children to be photographed or filmed. We like them to be normal kids. I didn’t want any of my friends in there, either. This isn’t a reality show, it’s a documentary about me Anything we do professionally, we try to keep the children out of it. We don’t sort of traipse them up and down the red carpet.”

On the chance of more television work if her special does well: “I wouldn’t say I’m going to be the next TV star. We’ll see what people make of this.”

On not relaunching her acting career: “I’m certainly not using this as a springboard to launch any sort of solo career, you’ll be glad to hear. I really wasn’t that good [at acting in Spice World]/ I must be the only person in L.A. that doesn’t want to be in films.”

NBC will air the hourlong TV special Victoria Beckham: Coming to America on Monday, July 16 @ 8PM ET/PT.
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